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The thing we are proud of the most is what people are saying about secureSWF. Here is a number of testimonials and reviews we've received from Flash developers across the world who have used secureSWF:

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Thousands of businesses around the world rely on secureSWF to protect their ActionScript code from SWF decompilers

secureSWF delivers leading-edge security for Flash. With an easy-to-use interface plus options for a wide-range of customizations, it works flawlessly to protect Flash exports. In addition, there are comprehensive help resources coupled with strong support. As an eLearning developer using Flash CS6 to export for AIR Android as APK files, my last step is to protect these using secureSWF. The Kindi team has produced a world-class software program highly useful to Flash developers needing to secure their work. Congratulations!

Stephen G. Wartel

secureSWF is a powerful and feature rich tool that is also remarkably quick and simple to use. Along with the best Flash protection tool on the market, Kindisoft also provide customer support that is second to none. I do not hesitate in recommending both secureSWF to protect your Flash applications and Kindisoft as customer service focused company of impeccable integrity.

Gareth Taft - Buzzard Games

I use Kindisoft’s SecureSWF Pro on most of my projects, and I believe it is the best in the industry.

Andy Moore

Being a web development agency which creates its own Flash CMS engine, it was literally impossible to succeed while our product can be easily stolen using a decompiler. Using secureSWF proved to be highly effective at protecting our source code and intellectual property. Without it, we wouldn’t be in business.

Taufik Chowi - IKT

This is the best product available. No doubt.

C8 Technology

As developers of high quality and cutting-edge technology we were constantly searching for a proper way to protect our intellectual property. secureSWF protects our work in no time, it offers us the most secure and advanced obfuscating measures on the market. We've tested the most advanced Flash decompilers on our secureSWF-protected swf files; none of them was able to view any valuable information and many of them just crashed. We have been using secureSWF from the beginning, appreciating its reliability and we can recommend it without exceptions. secureSWF supports the most advanced Flash features, including Flash remoting, seamlessly. String encryption makes content hiding possible and secure, resulting in the circumstance that you will not able to tell where the preloader loads our real flash content from.

Harald Wild - Wild Technology

secureSWF has been a significant component of our business. I can't imagine publishing swfs without it.

Jacob Miller - MotionVR

Kindisoft has brought a powerful Flash protection tool to the market. Our Flash and Flex application development has increased because our code can not be reversed engineered or viewed by competing companies or other developers.

Jeremiah Dole - MiahMedia

I probably found secureSWF through a link in a forum discussion after trying a bunch of so-called Flash protection tools. secureSWF works smoothly and does the job, and since then i have one less problem to worry about. PS: The domain lock function is great!.


Thanks to Kindisoft's secureSWF we can confidently launch our Flash applications. We strongly recommend Kindisoft to everyone interested in protecting their Flash applications. Thanks for the great product and support.

Sergio Bessa - Ideavity

secureSWF have saved my company thousands of dollars in intellectual property. Thank you for being the "watchdog" of my assets. I endorse your product fully and I encourage everyone to use it.

Stephen Gose - PBMCube