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For Windows, Mac, and Linux!

Cross Platform

Protect Your ActionScript

Anyone with a copy of a Flash decompiler such as ASV or Sothink Decompiler can look at your ActionScript code. Suddenly, your licensing code, copy protection mechanisms, and proprietary logic are much more available for all to see - whether it's legal or not. Anyone can use the details of your software for whatever reason they want. They can search for security flaws to exploit, steal unique ideas, crack programs, etc.

secureSWF provides the most advanced ActionScript obfuscation, code protection, and SWF encryption techniques to prevent Flash decompilers from generating anything useful from your SWF, SWC, or AIR files.

» See the power of Flash decompilers and of secureSWF.

Hide Security Vulnerabilities

No one can guarantee zero vulnerabilities. If we could, we would not see the continuous stream of patches from every software vendor. Using secureSWF to obfuscate your code and encrypt sensitive strings, such as URLs or hardcoded passwords, will make it much harder to exploit flaws.

Featured Clients

Thousands of businesses around the world rely on secureSWF to protect their ActionScript code from SWF decompilers