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SWF Optimization
ActionScript performance & SWF size

Make your Flash apps lean and mean and blazing fast. Put overweight ActionScript on a diet and gives users a snappier experience.

secureSWF's optimization includes both ActionScript and file assets. Optimize for better performance and smaller file size.

ActionScript Optimization

Code the way that works for you, then leave it to secureSWF to refine your ActionScript for performance. With 22 ActionScript optimization options, you can rest assure your code is making the best out of the Flash player.

Method Inlining

Inlining short methods will boost your code performance. Using secureSWF, you can browse through your classes and simply select methods you need to inline.

Byte Code Optimization

Byte code refers to binary compiled code blocks within your SWF files. The compiler leaves several chances of optimization such as removing or replacing debug information, removing metadata, resorting the constant pool, and merging code block and export tags.

Whichever settings you have used when compiling, you can use secureSWF to optimize your app for publishing.

ActionScript Optimization

Class Optimization

When coding, you probably have left a few class members set as public or protected members but have not used them outside the class. It is also particularly likely you have a few dynamic methods not accessing any class members. secureSWF will analyze your code and optimize your ActionScript classes for you. It will convert members to private, mark classes and methods as final, and convert dynamic methods to static.

Moreover, secureSWF can inline constants' literal values, convert variables to constants, remove function parameters names, and entirely remove class fields that are only written to but never read from.

Code the way you want, and leave it to secureSWF to optimize your ActionScript classes.

Instructions Optimization

secureSWF ActionScript optimization includes the single instructions which makes up the byte code. You can remove traces and unreachable dead code. secureSWF also replace specific instructions by more optimized versions such as push and integer arithmetic instructions.

SWF Optimization

Reduce the SWF file size using a rich set of 15 advanced options.

SWF Optimization

Super Compression

SWF files are compressed using zlib and, just recently, LZMA. secureSWF uses a more aggressive implementation of zlib compression than the ActionScript compiler. It takes more time than the Flash compiler looking for patterns for better compression ratio.

The result is a more compressed SWF file than the original by 5% to 10% size reduction without loosing anything at all. The graphics quality will not be affected, neither will the decompression speed.

For SWF version 13 and later, secureSWF will use the advanced LZMA compression algorithm to recompress your SWF file.

Lossless Images Optimization

When using the Flash builder or the Flex SDK, the compiler will embed all your images as PNGs although some of them were JPEGs. secureSWF will convert JPEGs back reducing the file size without affecting the image quality.

Flash Assets Compression

You no longer need to use an expensive SWF compression tool to further reduce the file size. secureSWF has all the advanced features built-in to reduce vector graphics, fonts, and images size. Get up to 60% smaller file when you need it.

Remove Unused Assets

secureSWF will analyze your file and look for any type of assets that are no longer needed. It does the following:

  • Trim tags, shape data, and font data.
  • Remove frame labels and replace them with indices.
  • Remove unused fonts, images, shapes, sounds, sprites, and videos.


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Thousands of businesses around the world rely on secureSWF to protect their ActionScript code from SWF decompilers