About Kindi

Kindi was established in March 2005, to provide its clients with a variety of products and services to help them better protect their applications. In a world where intellectual property is a major concern for software providers, and theft only requires a few mouse clicks and a bad intention, creative people need to focus on their innovation instead of worrying about their ideas being hijacked. Our products provide developers and artists with an easy-to-use and effective way to strengthen security and protect the intellectual property of their media rich applications.


Our mission is to provide software products and services for businesses and individuals to help them better protect their Rich Internet Applications.


Kindi was named in honor of the brilliant ninth century mathematician and scientist: Al-Kindi (who is also known as Alkindus) and his contributions to the field of cryptography. Al-Kindi had numerous contributions to various scientific subjects. His recently discovered text "A Manuscript on Deciphering Cryptographic Messages" is a treatise on cryptography, covering methods of cryptanalysis, encipherments, cryptanalysis of certain encipherments, and statistical analysis of letters and letter combinations. For more information about Al-Kindi, please read the Wikipedia Article.


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