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secureSWF comes in three editions to suit every need. Please check the detailed comparison table between the different editions.


secureSWF Personal Lite

The Personal edition provides basic features to stop Flash decompilers:

  AS2/AS3 and Flex
  SWC, AIR, & APK Files
  Project configuration
  Control flow obfuscation
  Dynamic code wrapping
  Statement-level randomization
  $99 only!

secureSWF Personal Lite


secureSWF Standard

Builds on the Personal edition and adds identifiers renaming and the following features:

  Smart and aggressive identifiers renaming
  Mapping table & incremental obfuscation
  Command-line interface
  ANT script integration
  Starts from $199

Standard Edition


secureSWF Professional

The ultimate Flash applications protection solution. Adds on the Standard edition the following features:

  Encrypted loader creator
  Literal strings encryption
  Encrypted domain locking
  ActionScript optimization
  SWF optimization
  Starts from $399

Professional Edition


Upgrade to secureSWF v4.0

Upgrade to secureSWF v4.6

With 100 new features, secureSWF v4 is our biggest and best update yet. Here's a brief rundown of what so many brave, selfless coffee beans sacrificed their lives to bring you in secureSWF v4

  Fast, robust, and lightweight engine
  Reworked identifier renaming
  Improved code protection
  Encrypted loader protects all SWF assets
  ActionScript Optimization
  SWF Optimization
  Fast RC4 and extra-secure AES encryption
  Hassle-free domain locking
  And a whole lot more
Reworked command line interface; full-fledged Ant integration; Ant script export from GUI; native GUI for Windows, Mac, and Linux; Flex SDK identification; lightweight JSON-based project files; support for Amazon APKs ... and the list goes on!


Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Every edition of secureSWF comes with a 30-days Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied by secureSWF, simply contact our support team and receive a full refund.

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Thousands of businesses around the world rely on secureSWF to protect their ActionScript code from SWF decompilers

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