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secureSWF Benefits

secureSWF is a complete solution. It does not only protect your ActionScript from Flash decompilers, it also provides real benefits to any Flash application.

1. Protect Your ActionScript

secureSWF provides the most advanced obfuscation, protection, and encryption techniques to protect your Flash and Flex applications from decompilers - securing the valuable intellectual property contained within.

»  How to Protect ActionScript From Flash Decompilers.

2. Prevent Illegal Redistribution

secureSWF helps you protect your Flash application against copying and illegal redistribution by providing Encrypted Domain Locking, and Encrypted Loader Creator.

»  More details on preventing others from copying your SWF files.

3. Flash Optimization

secureSWF can be used as a Flash optimization tool to generate files that are smaller in size and lighter to play.

»  Read more on how you can use secureSWF to optimize your SWF files.

Featured Clients

Thousands of businesses around the world rely on secureSWF to protect their ActionScript code from SWF decompilers