secureSWF Features & Editions

secureSWF comes in three different editions to suit different needs. Whether you are creating a simple app or a sophisticated solution, there is an edition that is best suitable for you.

Personal Lite




Supports ActionScript 3 and ActionScript 2 SWF files help
Opens SWC, AIR, & APK files help
Editable project configuration files help
Comprehensive configuration rules help
Native GUI for Windows, Mac, & Linux  help

Code Protection

Control Flow Obfuscation  help
Statement-level Randomization  help
Dynamic Code Wrapping  help
Integer Data Obfuscation help
Fine tune protection down to each package, class, or method  help

Identifiers Renaming

Aggressive: Renames all identifiers help
Smart: Avoids renaming dynamically accessed properties help
Configurable: Fine tune the entire process  help
Post-build check help
Mapping table & incremental obfuscation help

Integration & Auto-build

Cross-platform Java-based engine in a single Jar file help
Fully featured command-line interface  help
Fully featured ANT interface  help
In-Code configuration  help
Generate ANT script from GUI  help


Literal strings encryption  help
Encrypted domain lock  help
AES & RC4 encryption modes  help
Encrypted loader  help
Loader designer and templates  help

Code Optimization

Byte Code optimization  help
Class optimization  help
Instructions optimization  help
Method inlining  help
Fine tune optimization per package, class, or method  help

SWF Optimization

Super compression  help
Images lossless optimization help
Shapes & fonts Optimization  help
Images re-compression  help
Remove unused assets help
Access to all updates including major version releases
12 Months
12 Months
12 Months
Perpetual license including update plan for 12 months
12 months update plan renewal (optional)