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secureSWF v4 Is Here!

Coffee Beans Everywhere Rejoice.

After more than two years of development – and enough coffee to fill several Olympic-sized swimming pools – Kindi's secureSWF v4 is queued up and ready for download. This landmark update packs 100 new features into our bestselling ActionScript obfuscation and SWF encryption solution, including an entirely re-engineered and super-efficient renaming engine, secure domain locking, better integration, and many other significant additions.

100 New Reasons to Protect Your Code with secureSWF

With 100 new features, secureSWF v4 is our biggest and best update yet. Here's a brief rundown of what so many brave, selfless coffee beans sacrificed their lives to bring you in secureSWF v4:

  • Reworked Identifiers Renaming

    We've redesigned secureSWF's identifier renaming from the ground up to give you better protection, faster performance, and more control than ever.
    1. Completely new renaming engine.
    2. Cross SWF files renaming.
    3. Supports user defined namespaces.
    4. Highly increased ability to rename much more identifiers than previous version.
    5. More stable with clear auto selection and exclusion.
    6. Configurable post build renaming check.
    7. Renames method's local variables.
    8. Four new renaming modes.
    9. More aggressive use of ActionScript keywords for new names.
    10. Incremental renaming. Reload the mapping table in the future.
    11. Single JSON based renaming mapping table for the entire project.
    12. Advanced and easy-to-use identifiers browser to change renaming settings.
    13. Configurable to select all members through parent node.
    14. More detailed identifier information.
  • Enhanced Code Protection

    Protect your intellectual property from sophisticated decompilers with secureSWF's beefed-up security algorithms and options.
    1. All protection algorithms have been reworked to break latest decompilers.
    2. New Integer Data Obfuscation protection options.
    3. Configurable Statement-level Randomization intensity.
    4. Enhanced Control Flow Obfuscation for stability.
    5. Manually set a randomization seed to allow identical files regeneration.
  • Better String Encryption

    With secureSWF v4, potentially sensitive embedded strings get even more shielding from prying eyes.
    1. Choose between fast RC4 or extra-secure AES encryption algorithms.
    2. Configurable key length to balance file size and security.
    3. Select strings using a pattern.
    4. Select all strings.
    5. Get warnings for strings left unencrypted.
  • Advanced Domain Locking

    Keep your code from running on unauthorized domains with secureSWF's industry-leading domain locking features.
    1. Choose between fast RC4 or secure AES encryption algorithms.
    2. Configurable key length to balance file size and security.
    3. Use wildcards such as * to include all sub domains.
    4. More secure and more stable.
  • Sophisticated Encrypted Loader

    Cloak your SWF files and lock down your intellectual property with secureSWF's powerful and customizable encrypted loader.
    1. Fully encrypts your SWF files
    2. Fast and secure decryption only at runtime
    3. Protects against memory debuggers
    4. Advanced preloader designer
    5. Many templates to choose from
    6. Add links to preloader
    7. Saves preloader design in a separate file
  • New SWF and Project File Formats

    Thanks to expanded file format support, secureSWF now offers even greater file import/export flexibility and compatibility.
    1. Fully supports SWF v13 and v14 with LZMA compression.
    2. Latest Flash CS6 and Flex 4.6 support.
    3. Supports APK files for Amazon market place.
    4. New JSON based project file format.
    5. Saves relative paths.
    6. Imports files from other projects.
  • Comprehensive Code Optimization

    Projectwide code optimization puts overweight ActionScript on a diet and gives users a snappier experience.
    1. Replaces debug line numbers.
    2. Replaces debug file names.
    3. Merges code linkage.
    4. Merges byte code blocks.
    5. Resort the constant pool.
    6. Finalizes classes.
    7. Finalizes methods.
    8. Makes methods static when possible.
    9. Privatizes fields.
    10. Privatizes methods.
    11. Removes write-only fields.
    12. Replaces constants with their literal values.
    13. Converts read-only fields to constants.
    14. Removes function parameters.
    15. Removes trace calls.
    16. Removes dead code.
    17. Optimizes imports.
    18. Optimizes push instructions.
    19. Optimizes integer arithmetics.
    20. Replaces method calls with the method code (function inlining).
    21. Configurable code optimization for each package, class, or class member.
  • Smart SWF Optimization

    secureSWF's intelligent SWF optimization makes your Flash apps lean and mean and blazing fast.
    1. Super compression uses LZMA when possible.
    2. Lossless images optimization.
    3. Reduces 2D graphics shapes size.
    4. Merges 2D graphics lines to improve performance.
    5. Optimizes fonts.
    6. Images re-compression.
    7. Trims tags.
    8. Trims shapes data.
    9. Trims fonts data.
    10. Removes frame labels.
    11. Removes unused fonts.
    12. Removes unused images.
    13. Removes unused shapes.
    14. Removes unused sounds.
    15. Removes unused sprites.
    16. Removes unused videos.
  • Redesigned GUI

    No matter what development platform you prefer, secureSWF v4's OS-native GUI has been updated with an improved appearance and more efficient workflow.
    1. Separate native GUI for each platform.
    2. Native executable for Windows using standard look-and-feel.
    3. Cocoa based GUI for Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7.
    4. GTK 2 based GUI for Linux.
    5. Automatically finds Flex and AIR SDKs.
    6. Manages Flex and AIR SDKs.
    7. Auto-updates while running.
    8. Easier to use protection presets.
    9. Help information attached to each set of options.
    10. Reworked stack trace translator.
    11. Improved Configurable Rules.
  • Expanded Integration Framework

    Always easy to get along with, secureSWF now plays even nicer with third-party tools and environments.
    1. Separate cross-platform Java-based engine contained in a single Jar file.
    2. Fully featured command line interface (same used by GUI).
    3. Fully featured Ant task.
    4. Auto-generate Ant script from GUI with all necessary files including engine jar file.
    5. JSON-based human-readable project files.
    6. All project file fields can be used in Ant.
    7. All project file fields can be overridden in CLI.
    8. Multiple CLI modes: analyze, execute, run, activate.
    9. CLI output can be in JSON for easy parsing.
    10. Generates project files from CLI using any preset.
    11. Activates directly through Ant.

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